Emergency Management

“Helping others is the way we help ourselves”
- Oprah Winfrey

When a disaster strikes, you need the right partner to help you weather the storm. Krucial Staffing was born out of the need for a staffing company that understands the unique demands of emergency and disaster staffing. Together, our team brings a decade worth of experience within the response and recovery sector and has responded to some of the nation’s most notable border crises and disasters.  Our nationwide pool of NIMS-typed, FEMA certified staff is made up of qualified clinical and non-clinical personnel that can rapidly mobilize at a moment’s notice. From our partnerships with all levels of government entities and private sector organizations, we have the bandwidth to quickly deploy large volumes of staff across different disciplines to any location in the United States.


“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others”
– Booker T. Washington

Krucial Staffing is committed to helping nonprofit organizations thrive by connecting you to proven professionals who can support your overall mission. Our recruiters understand your job opening requirements and will provide customized solutions to secure the best qualified candidates. Krucial will take the stress out of finding the right fit for your organization by providing talent with the right expertise and heart to serve your cause. We want to serve your organization with gratitude, empathy and love. We’re here to do more than just fill a position-we want to make an impact.


“When you hand good people possibility, they do great things”
- Biz Stone

Krucial Staffing can assist with the staffing needs of your organization to execute any project. Having the human capital available quickly is a critical piece to the success of your project. For project staffing, we service multiple industries and multiple skillsets. Skilled professionals, entry-level workers, clinical and non-clinical staff are available.


“The simple act of caring is heroic”
- Edward Albert

Krucial Staffing provides temporary healthcare professionals to fill last minute needs or long-term placements. Healthcare is unpredictable, and here at Krucial, we understand the challenges that healthcare facilities face on a daily basis. That’s why it’s our goal to make the temporary staffing process as easy as possible. We have the expertise to fill positions in:
• Nursing
• Allied
• Advanced Practice
• Non-Clinical

Thank You.

I had the pleasure of working with Krucial and Favorite Healthcare Staffing during the State of Florida’s response to Hurricane Irma. As an Emergency Coordinating Officer for the Florida Department of Health during the Hurricane Irma response, I can personally attest to the level of dedication that Krucial & Favorite Healthcare Staffing applies toward delivering critical staffing support. During this unprecedented response, the Florida Department of Health activated over 90 medical shelters serving over 10,000 clients with medical needs. Where no other staffing companies were able to commit staffing in the amount and with the timeliness needed to support the state sheltering mission, Krucial & Favorite a Healthcare Staffing were able to activate and deploy a total of 152 medical professionals consisting of 93 registered nurses, 30 licensed nurse practitioners, 4 registered respiratory therapists, and 25 direct care staff within 15 hours of establishing an agreement with the State. Additional staff were made available to us in both clinical and non-clinical roles.

The level of promptness and professionalism that was applied to serving Florida’s residents and visitors sets this staffing firm apart from other companies that lack the experience and dedication to serving the client. This was not an easy task, given the austere working environment, challenges presented, and the geographic distances between shelters. Overall, the clinical and non-clinical staff from Krucial & Favorite Healthcare Staffing demonstrated a positive attitude and a willingness to serve the impacted community. These efforts did not go unrecognized by the State and the survivors who were sheltered during the storm.

Finally, the overall management structure of the mission was exceptional. Brian Cleary, CEO at Krucial staffing was the IC (Incident Commander) for the event. Brian assured that all resources, command & control and coordination were ongoing around the clock. Brian also deployed non-billable resources to Florida to help with management of emergency operations which is certainly a sign of their commitment.

It is for the above that I have no reservations in recommending Krucial Staffing to any state or local government agency when emergency clinical and non-clinical staffing is being sought.

Georges Merceron, MPH
Merce Disaster Solutions

Hurricane Dorian


Hurricane Dorian was a long-lived, destructive storm that caused significant damage to the southeastern United States.

Within 12 hours, Krucial was able to fill the first shelter site request of 42 responders. After the first 24 hours, Krucial had 7 shelter sites staffed with a total of 118 responders. All responder orders were filled prior to the 36-hour mark, for an overall total of 137 responders and 9 shelter sites. 

RN- 330 shifts
Support Staff- 330 shifts
Respiratory Therapists: 25 shifts

Natural Gas Explosion


A series of explosions and fires in more than 40 homes, and 80 individual fires after construction maintenance on gas lines. Krucial was pulled in to man emergency shelters.

Average of 200 shifts a week for duration of project staffed by 66 unique workers.

RN - 349 shifts
LPN - 68 shifts
MA - 345 shifts

Non Clinical:
Direct Care and Admin Staff…832 shifts

Hurricane Irma


Hurricane Irma was a category 3 storm when it made landfall in Florida with 110 mile per hour winds.

Krucial staff was mobilized from across the country and provided support to 19 sites across the state of Florida. Staff breakdowns included -

RN - 91 shifts
LPN - 251 shifts
MA - 121 shifts
RT - 57 shifts
EMT - 83 shifts
Paramedic - 24 shifts

Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey was a category 4 storm that made landfall in Houston area with 130 mile per hour winds.

Krucial teams activated in 5 San Antonio shelters and one Austin shelter ahead of the storm to take evacuees. A full team was transferred to the Convention Center shelter in Houston. Clinical and non-clinical staff included:

RT - 39 shifts
RN - 897 shifts
LPN - 209 shifts
EMT & Paramedic - 45 shifts
Pharm Tech - 34 shifts
MA - 108 shifts
NP - 20 shifts
Direct Care - 104 shifts

Border Surge

New Mexico

Unaccompanied minors border surge

Total of 98,434 shifts staffed by 40 unique positions, including:

LPN. - 1,388 shifts
MA - 2,045 shifts
Infirmary Support Staff - 1,305 shifts

Escort/Transporter - 3,874 shifts
Recreation Staff - 1,142 shifts
Teacher - 1, 852 shifts
1:1 Coverage - 1,025 shifts
Dining Room - 794 shifts
Facilities Support - 233 shifts
Direct Care - 59,017 shifts

Border Surge


Unaccompanied minor surge staffed in sites throughout Texas in 21-day durations until final sites stood up in San Antonio and Lawton, OK

78,295 total shifts with 35 unique positions including:

RN - 2,679 shifts
Medical Tech - 2,416 shifts
LPN - 2,582 shifts
EMT/Paramedic - 1,465 shifts

Direct Care - 56,913 shifts
Janitor - 991 shifts

Hurricane Sandy

New Jersey

Hurricane Sandy, a category 3 hurricane. Activation came through a Krucial partner. 

Stood up staff at 23 unique sites for medical support in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Deployed 33 RNs from 5 states to handle medical needs at shelters along the storm’s path for a total of 179 shifts

Border Surge


Unaccompanied minor surge

A total of 12,511 shifts staffed at 8 locations including bed expansions at permanent sites.

CNA - 2,080 shifts
MA - 2,597 shifts
LPN - 1,646 shifts
RN - 1,710 shifts
EMT/Paramedic - 781 shifts

Non Clinical:
Direct Care - 3,213 shifts



The city of Joplin, MO was struck by
an EF-5 tornado. Krucial partnered with the Freeman Health System whose primary hospital in Joplin was severely impacted by the tornado.

Krucial provided RN staff from multiple disciplines to support the hospital and allow impacted staff to manage their own disasters.

Our nurses were housed within the hospital in sleeping rooms on cots.

We deployed 25 RNs within 48 hours of request. Areas staffed included ER, ICU, TEL, PEDS, LDR and NICU. A total of 102 nurses were provided over the course of the immediate disaster.

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