Krucial Documentary: Episode 1

Krucial Staffing is proud to present episode one of our documentary which highlights our mission: helping those during their greatest time of need. This first episode focuses on the New York Covid-19 Response.

Resource Videos

Here are some resource videos that we enjoyed and wanted to share.

3 Easy Steps To Prepare For An Emergency

Be "Red Cross Ready" for an emergency by following our easy 3 steps to preparedness. We understand getting prepared may sound difficult or time consuming, but with a little help from us, it's actually very doable.

Nursing Care of a Patient on a Ventilator

The Global Pandemic of COVID-19 has caused many patients to be place on ventilators. This 17-minute video presents reminders and brief discussions for nurses who deal with patients that are on ventilators. This video includes equipment that might be used at the bedside, pain management, and aid in treating vent patients. This is not an accredited educational course and is just for viewing interest.

How to Build Resiliency

In a time of unprecedented times and when on emergency responses, it is important to care for ourselves! This 13-minute video covers real-life evidence-based resiliency building skills that can be implemented in our daily lives or while on emergency responses. By taking care of your own mental health, you can better serve others! 

Do’s and Don’t when Caring for High-Risk Populations 

American Nurses Association provides this 6 minute quick video discusses things nurses should do (and not do) when caring for high risk minority populations.

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Passion, Efficiency, Integrity, Innovation, Inclusion

Mission Statement:
To serve others at their greatest time of need.

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