Krucial Konversations - Episode Nine

In episode nine, we talk about the future of Krucial Staffing! First, we take a look at how our Emergency Management Division, known as EMD, plans to expand Krucial's ability to serve others in the wake of natural disasters, epidemics, and everything in between. Our President of Emergency Management, Paul Taylor, articulates our strategy to achieve this growth so we can continue to be our client's staffing partner of choice. Taylor is followed by Chief Sales Officer, Brody Whitley. Whitley speaks on Krucial's healthcare staffing goals to increase the number of contracts available to our Reservists. This includes more traditional traveling options as well as permanent placement opportunities.

Core values:
Passion, Efficiency, Integrity, Innovation, Inclusion

Mission Statement:
To serve others at their greatest time of need.

9800 Metcalf Ave
Suite 400
Overland Park, KS 66212